7MB Partners with Consumer Transparency


Consumer Transparency and 7MB Technologies announced a partnership this week that will combine CT’s data mining software and machine learning capabilities with 7MB’s time-centric technologies. The collaboration will aim to boost innovation throughout existing product lines and deliver unprecedented scheduling solutions with broad applications across a wide range of markets.

President and CEO of 7MB, David Young, expresses the need for better solutions to time related data inefficiencies, the issue that ultimately forged the path to this new partnership.

“We look at the world and see a tremendous amount of time-based data that really isn’t being put to good use. There are major inefficiencies in the structuring, processing, consumption and ability to share and communicate time based data efficiently and effectively. The data is out there, but is simply not available in a way that the marketplace can act upon. We’re aiming to make the data actionable. Our goal is to convert dead data to active data and our new relationship with Consumer Transparency is a major step towards that goal. We're thrilled to collaborate with Consumer Transparency and are greatly looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

Consumer Transparency Chairman, Lewis Smoak, adds, “We are very pleased with the opportunity to work with 7MB and put our technologies together. 7MB has pioneered some exceptional solutions in the time and scheduling arena and I look forward to seeing some phenomenal business opportunities come from this relationship.”

7MB continues its efforts to provide novel solutions in today's increasingly data-rich world that harness the power of technological advancement to create a better world for individuals, businesses and communities.


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David Young

CEO, 7MB Technologies



Kristen Smatresk

Marketing Relations, 7MB Technologies